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1 the basic unit of money in Norway [syn: Norwegian krone]
2 the basic unit of money in Denmark [syn: Danish krone] [also: kroner (pl), kronen (pl)]

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Krone f
  1. crown
  2. Currency of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland.

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Krone may mean:


  • Crown (literal translation)
  • Krone GmbH, a German telephone and telecommunications manufacturer founded in 1928 (aka ADC Krone)
  • Krone an der Brahe, the German name for Koronowo, Poland
  • Diu Crône, a medieval poem
  • Kronen Zeitung, an Austrian tabloid
  • Julie Krone, American jockey
  • Krone Pen, a manufacturer of fountain pens
  • Krone Group, a German-based manufacturer of commercial agricultural/industrial machinery


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